Beauty And The Dong

Watch onyx-tressed hot babe Anissa Kate as she slips her sexy body out of her lacy pastel bra and panty set, to get down with a humongous purple toy! First she preps herself with pink-polished fingers, then she reclines on the bed like a curvy nude out of a classical painting and crams her veeg with the toy. She gets her asshole ready with her busily digging digits. When she sits up with the toy in her twat, she shows off the flowery fullness of her cunny lips! Then Anissa kneels doggie-style and stuffs her derriere with the dong like a tail, then turns the free end toward her pussy and plunges it in at the same time. Anissa spreads her thighs wide and tugs apart both pussy and rosebud with her fingers…

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Footy Cum Swap

French beauties Eva Parcker and Anissa Kate demonstrate how amazingly capable they are of erotic multi-tasking when they take on David Perry and his rigid inches! Sure, the delicious demoiselles present their beautiful feet in high heels to Monsieur Dave, and he gets to suck and slurp on their toes and soles, but they want him to enjoy other aspects of their bodies too! Once their shoes come off, he licks their toes, and then Eva blows him and strokes his meat with her soles and red-painted tootsies. Then Anissa gets fucked by Dave while she sucks on Eva’s feet herself. Then Dave stands over both girls while they footjob his prick and nuts from below, and Anissa uses her very high-arched soles to guide the gristle into Eva’s mouth. Eva rides Dave’s dick like a cowgirl, then Anissa takes his cock between her feet. But now she wants it in her pussy while she fucks Eva with a strap-on. She keeps banging Eva with the strap-on in the doggie position while Dave then kneels to suck on Eva’s toes. Ultimately though, he stands over the ladies once more for the climax on the couch. Eva guides his rod into Anissa’s mouth, just in time for his spunk to blast out onto Anissa’s tongue, a creamy mess which she then uses as lotion while kissing Eva’s feet for a unique footy-style cum swap!

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Anal Pinup Girls

Eva Parcker and Anissa Kate play retro pinup cuties in this lesbian video. Watch these babes get frisky with each other, licking their titties, even as they strike some of the coy poses of the glamour girlies of yesteryear. Of course, our hot babes go quite a bit further than the models who once graced the pages of art photography magazines and gas station calendars in the 40′s and 50′s. Although they keep their vintage hairstyles intact, once Eva and Anissa peel out of their teeny tiny shorts, they’re ready for two very modern silver bullet vibrators to get their cookies cookin’ and their bottoms broiling!

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A Kinky Valentine

Matt Ice thought he had the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise worked out for his girlfriend Anissa Kate, a thoughtful gift of jewelry and a night of romance. But Anissa had something much kinkier in mind, starting with a present full of sex toys she’d been meaning to incorporate into their lovemaking for so long she could barely contain her desire another minute. Before she let him open the package, Anissa stripped out of her dress so slowly she could feel Matt’s arousal building to a fever pitch, peeling off her dress and rubbing her gorgeous natural breasts on his face. After she sucked on his cock, Anissa led Matt to the bedroom for his surprise, a night of ass-play! Anissa gave Matt a paddle to lightly spank her butt cheeks with, and dildos to open her asshole, inflaming her burning lust until she was ready to take the entirety of his thick cock inside her and enjoy an intense anal sex orgasm!

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Kinky Nurses Foot Break

Nurse Anissa Kate and her blonde colleague Stacey Saran can’t wait to grab some private kinky moments in their busy schedule at the hospital. Now they can savor their long legs and tasty feet! The girls quickly remove their pretty shoes so they can savor their red-polished toes, as well as other aspects of their anatomy. Anissa kisses Stacey’s bottom. They stretch out on the exam table to do a foot-69, enjoying each other’s toes in their hungry mouths at the same time. Using her nimble feet, Anissa takes down Stacey’s panties and bra, and then she rubs her soles, toes, and heels over Miss Saran’s nipples and face. Next it’s Stacey’s turn to get into Anissa’s panties. She fucks the French girl’s slit with her big toe and then Anissa returns the favor.

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Perverse Prescription Part 2

In Part 1 of this ultra-raunchy Full HD BDSM roleplay scene, Anissa Kate found herself the object of perverse prescription for total submission to her doctor Bruno SX. Now, her experience continues with her getting ass-fucked, her vagina probed by his ruthless fingers until she squirts out a G-spot orgasm, then being banged in the bottom some more as the physician mounts the table bare-ass, though still in his lab coat and wearing a surgical mask. He’s one scary dude! Anissa’s wrists and ankles are secured with red medical tubing so her derriere is up in the air for the medico’s full access, and he bangs her booty from different angles until he leaves her with a big pink gape and a load of his cum all over her crack and pussy. For the final humiliation, he feeds her his cum, then sits at his desk making notes and sniffing her panties!

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Perverse Prescription Part 1

Anissa Kate goes to see Dr. Bruno for a routine checkup at the Genital Hospital, but he gets immediately infatuated by her pretty face and exciting body in its colorful low-cut frock. Faster than you can say fever the Doctor is at his sexual boiling point, feeling up Anissa’s tits and binding her with red tubing in this fetish XXX video roleplay of extreme sex and Full HD BDSM. The perverted physician pinches her nose and crams his cock between her lips, then he places her on the exam table where he opens her mouth with a metal spreader so he can fill her face with his dick. Then he bends her over on the table, her wrists and ankles bound, so she can deepthroat his ferocious meat. Maybe she doesn’t do it quite the way he wishes, perhaps she drools too much, because she earns a spanking from the palm of his hand. Then it’s time to open her pussy with a spreader, and stuff two cold metal speculums into her asshole!

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